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Family-Based Toy Company

family-runBorn At Home Toys is a family-run toy workshop. We're a husband/wife partnership who develop and design all our toys ourselves. We get a lot of the inspiration for our toys from our two rambunctious boys, who've also tested our toys time and again for quality.

We select the wood ourselves. Between the both of us we cut and shape the wood. Then we sand, paint, assemble and add finish. Together we fill orders, keep the website and shops running, and work with our resellers to get more natural toys to the masses.


Earth-Friendly Toys

earth-friendlyWe made a commitment when we began our toy-making business to use only all-natural, sustainable ingredients to make our toys. Most of our wood is local. When it isn't, it comes from well-managed forests where the trees will be replenished. The rest of our wood is either upcycled and recycled. Our paints and finish are naturally-derived, non-toxic and lead-free. We use only water-based, non-toxic glues.

We also make a point to create as little waste as possible. Our Hardwood Building Blocks, made from leftover lumber, are a good example of how we use every bit of the resources we have to create great toys. With every aspect of our business we strive to keep earth-friendly practices.

Gender-Neutral Toys

gender-neutralWhen a boy is shamed for liking pink and a girl is prevented from playing with tools, something is wrong. When a child plays, his or her imagination should reach its peak. We don't like gender stereotypes, so from the outset, we designed all our toys to be just right for anyone. Girl, boy, male, female, young, old - Born At Home Toys is right for everyone.

Heirloom Quality Wooden Toys

Mheirloomost toys are made of plastic and aren't designed to last. Heirloom-quality items are made to last and last, to be passed down from one generation to the next. That's why we use hardwoods and create each toy with care - we want them to be around for your children's grandchildren. We hope that one day, in the future, the child who owns our toys finds them in storage, maybe up in the attic, and gives them to his or her own kids.

  • Family-Run
  • Earth-Friendly
  • Gender-Neutral
  • Heirloom-Quality

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